Improvements to Disability Assessment Services

I spoke today in the debate on improvements to disability assessment services. I have been concerned, along with many colleagues in the House, that there were issues with the assessment process and a lack of flexibility and common sense.

Modern Farming and the Environment

Under the Agriculture Bill, farmers will receive rewards proportionate to environmental benefits and the sustainability of food production.  Collaborative working on projects will be encouraged where there is a common goal.  I fully appreciate that agriculture is devolved and future policy in Sco

Fire Safety and Sprinkler Systems

It is a simple fact that sprinklers in buildings save lives.  I spoke earlier today on their value and called on the Minister to act, reinforcing the benefit versus the minimal cost.  

10.11 am

Bill Grant (Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock)


Small Charities Challenge Fund

If you are seeking funding for a charity project for priority countries abroad, the Secretary of State for International Development, Penny Mordaunt MP, has sent me the following letter containing details on funding opportunities through the Small Charities Challenge Fund.  Best of luck with your

Solar Feed-in Tariff

I have been contacted by a number of people recently regarding the solar Feed-in Tariff, whereby those with solar panels on their homes are paid for the surplus electricity they put back into the National Grid.  After a consultation, the UK Government recently took the decision to end the tariff,

Adjournment Debate: Music Tuition for Young People

In tonight's Adjournment Debate (the final debate of the day, usually a topic of concern raised by a back-bench MP), I asked if it was right to charge pupils for music tuition. Surely we should be encouraging interest in creative opportunities for young people, not restricting it?

Latest Employment Figures

I am pleased to report from the latest employment figures that not only are a record number enjoying the fulfilment of employment but more of those than ever before are women.  Wages have also outpaced inflation for the eleventh month in a row.  

Scottish Questions

At Scottish Questions today I asked the Secretary of State what recent discussions he has had with his counterpart for Defence on the welfare of Scottish veterans.

Transport for Towns

I spoke today in the Transport for Towns debate in Westminster Hall, in which I stressed to the Minister that "it is important that we invest in affordable, functional and durable transport infrastructure that enhances the ability of our constituents to journey safely within and between our towns