Sale of Fireworks to the Public

I spoke today in the debate to consider an e-petition recently brought before Parliament, calling for a ban on the sale of fireworks to the public.

Defence Questions

I asked a question today on mental health support for Members of the Armed Forces, initially asking "What steps [the] Department is taking to provide mental health support to members of the armed forces", which I followed with a supplementary question asking what further support can be given to t

My Thoughts on the PM's Brexit Deal

As a remain voter, I was of course taken aback by the outcome of the referendum.  However, I felt then that it was right to respect that outcome, however narrow the margin, and I still do. 

General Debate on the Government's Veterans Strategy

I spoke earlier today in the General Debate on the Government's Veterans Strategy, referring to the good work done in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock by the Hollybush Centre, Care After Combat and others.

Loyal Address on HRH Prince of Wales' Seventieth Birthday

As you'll have seen in the news, it's been a busy day here in Parliament!  In spite of everything else happening here today, there was a brief moment earlier for Members to wish HRH the Prince of Wales well on his 70th birthday.  I was delighted to do so on behalf of local residents, and to refer

Finance Bill Debate

I spoke last night on the Finance Bill, the measures announced in the Budget earlier this month.  Whilst I expressed concern on a number of points, not least the timescale for the reduction of Fixed Odd Betting stakes, I am happy to support the measures in this Bill, a number of which I feel will

The Budget Debate

I spoke today in the Budget Debate, highlighting elements of benefit to residents in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock.  Alas, due to Parliamentary time constraints, my eight minute speech was reduced to three, so I have copied below the original text containing the full detail.  There are some big wins,

Seasonal Workers' Visas

Today, I asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department to give his assurance that any revised immigration policy post-Brexit would protect the needs of the farming and fishing community in Scotland, particularly in relation to seasonal worker visas for fruit pickers and fishermen.