Debate on the Implementation of the Cox Report

I spoke this afternoon in the debate on the implementation of the report by Dame Laura Cox into the bullying and harassment of House of Commons staff.  Dame Laura’s report recommended three steps to improving the situation, one of which (the introduction of the independent complaints and grievanc

Recall of Tumble Dryers

Earlier today, I made an intervention in the debate following an Urgent Question raised in regard to the Government’s decision to insist on a recall of 500,000 unsafe tumble dryers manufactured by Whirlpool UK.  As a former Fire Officer, I have seen the damage done by faulty white goods on homes

Home Ownership and First-time Buyers

I was successful in the ballot today for a topical question to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.  Given that the Government's desire to increase home-ownership among first-time buyers has been in the news recently, I thought I would ask what the Minister is doing to sup

Leader of the Conservative Party and Brexit

Update: As Mr Gove is no longer in the race, of the two remaining candidates I am minded to support Mr Hunt, who I believe is the better candidate for the UK and for Scotland.


Business Questions: High Street Investment

I was successful earlier today in the ballot for a Business Question.  Given the challenges faced by high streets at present, I asked the Minister what support the Government was providing for small and medium-sized local business to help them prosper.

Mortgage Prisoners and Cerberus

I was also fortunate earlier today to be able to speak in the debate on 'mortgage prisoners', those trapped in a higher rate of interest than the current norm partly because the institutions with which they were mortgaged, such as Northern Rock, failed in the financial crisis and they are unable

Grenfell Tower Fire

I spoke today in the debate to mark the two-year remembrance of the devastating fire in Grenfell Tower.

Invisible Disabilities and Accessibility Challenges

I was able to speak today in the debate on invisible disabilities and accessibility challenges, and called on the Minister "to consider how the Government could facilitate such important improvements for those living with invisible disabilities".   The Minister responded:

Debate on Arthritis and Employment

A fortnight ago, I applied for a debate on arthritis and employment.  I was delighted to be informed by Mr Speaker last week that my application had been successful and so today I was very proud indeed to lead a debate on supporting those with arthritis and related conditions who wish to enter or

Protection of Bird Nesting Sites

I spoke today in the debate on the protection on bird nesting sites, which came about as a result of the public petitions process.