Debate on Preparations for Leaving the EU

Earlier today, I asked a question of the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, who is responsible for preparations for our departure from the European Union.  As the UK prepares to leave the EU, I sincerely hope with a deal (and see my wider thoughts on that here), I know there are many small and medium businesses in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, who do not perhaps have the same large-scale resources to plan for post-Brexit operations that larger companies enjoy, who remain concerned about the future. 

I intend to vote again for the negotiated deal when the Prime Minister returns from the planned EU summit on 17th October, if he is permitted by Parliament tonight to continue those negotiations with a free hand, and in the meantime I asked Mr Gove if he could outline what reassurance he could give local businesses that all possible support will be given to help them adapt post-Brexit.

Time constraints meant that Mr Gove’s response was necessarily brief (I was only able to ‘catch the Speaker’s eye quite late in the debate), but I would encourage those with an interest to review his responses earlier in the debate which provide some useful detail.   If you have not already, I would also encourage you to visit the Government’s dedicated Brexit preparedness website here.

N.B. Due to technical issues with the website, it is not currently possibly to embed videos on my website as usual but my contribution and the Minister's response can be viewed here.

Bill Grant

I am sure that my right hon. Friend will agree that business leaders and business associations will be listening intently to this afternoon’s debate. They have suffered three years of uncertainty, and endless and pointless Brexit debate. What certainty and reassurance going forward can the Minister give to business leaders who have suffered uncertainty?

Michael Gove

My hon. Friend is absolutely right that business wants certainty. The best certainty we can give is to make sure we secure a good deal with the European Union, which is why I hope everyone across the House will give my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister the time and space necessary to secure that good deal on which he has been working so hard.