Westminster News

The Forthcoming General Election

After much reflection, I have decided with sadness not to seek re-election at the forthcoming general election.  I have copied below my letter to the local Party Chairman, which sets out my thoughts, and will continue to work for the constituents of Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock until the election.  I

Westminster Hall Debate on the Insect Population

I was able to ask a short intervention in today's debate on the reduced insect population, raising the possibility of replicating the healthy bees plan and the National Bee Unit for other species of insect in order to ensure ongoing abundance and variety.  As Mr Sobel pointed out in response, "we

Prime Minister's Questions

I was fortunate today to have the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister about improving employment opportunities in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock (I put in each week for a question, but MPs are only occasionally successful in the ballot - it is very well subscribed!)  Unemployment nationally stands at

Latest Employment Figures

I am pleased to report from the latest employment figures that not only are a record number enjoying the fulfilment of employment but more of those than ever before are women.  Wages have also outpaced inflation for the eleventh month in a row.  

Defence Questions

I asked a question today on mental health support for Members of the Armed Forces, initially asking "What steps [the] Department is taking to provide mental health support to members of the armed forces", which I followed with a supplementary question asking what further support can be given to t