Exiting the European Union


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Brexit and the NHS

The Prime Minister and his ministerial colleagues have been consistently clear that protecting public services, including the NHS, in trade deals is of the highest importance.  Indeed the PM confirmed this week in the Chamber that he has obtained the US President's agreement that the NHS will not be included in future trade talks.  

Future trade deals will ensure that decisions on running public services remain the sole competence of the UK Government and the devolved administrations.  The NHS is universal and free at the point of use.  It will never be for sale to the private sector and no trade deal will change these principles.  NHS England has not been privatised, though of course parts of the NHS throughout the U.K. work with and procure goods and services from the private sector, whether drugs, services, vehicles, beds, bed linen etc.

The Conservatives have been stewards for forty-four of the seventy plus years since the NHS was founded, and during that time none of the periodic fears have come to pass.  Indeed, this government has committed more funds than any previous administration and I am very happy that this is the case.