Fisheries Policy after Brexit

My Scottish Conservative colleagues and I met earlier this week with members of the Scottish Fisheries Federation to discuss concerns about support for the fishing industry after Brexit.  I also wrote, in common with my colleagues, to the Prime Minister to express those concerns, primarily about the negotiation of access and quota shares.  The fishing industry is core in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, and if I might quote from the letter: 

"At the end of the Implementation Period, we must be able to negotiate access and quota shares with the EU and other third countries independently on an annual basis, without any pre-existing arrangement being in force.  This means that access and quota shares cannot be included in the Future Economic Partnership, allowing the UK to become an independent coastal state both in principle and in practice. 

We also cannot remain in the CFP after December 2020.  As fishing quotas are decided on an annual basis, remaining in the CFP for even a few months into the new year would result in quotas being assigned for the entire year based on existing arrangements.  Our coastal communities have already made the difficult compromise of accepting extending CFP membership throughout the Implementation Period and they have made it clear to us that they will not accept any further extension."